File Attributes

Starting with IceRadar ver 6 and X.IceRadar ver 1, data files have attributes associated to the "File" root object. These can be used to identify changes in the file format (presently only for some object's attributes) so third-party routines can be adjusted to different data file versions.

  • H5DataVersion
  • HardwareID
  • SourceApplication

There is no attribute for the file object in previous versions.

H5DataVersion IceRadar X.IceRadar AirIPR Comments
2.0.0 up to ver 6.0.1b n/a n/a
3.0.0 n/a v 1.0 n/a (1)
3.1.0 n/a n/a v 1.0 (2)

(1): ../location_i/datacapture_0/echogram_0 and ../location_i/datacapture_1/echogram_1 present in lines acquired in dual mode

(2): Superceded on (1) by adding AirIPR additional data streams, but with only single mode (single polarization) data set.

File Format Additional Information

Attributes Groups seen from HDF5View utility:

Note the syntax corrections (summarized in the next section)

- Up to IceRadar ver 6.0.1b

- for X-IPR ver 1.0

With dual channel input in this example so echogram_0 and echogram_1 have attributes. If only one channel input is enabled, only echogram_0 will have attributes.

- for AirIPR ver 1.0

Attributes Groups Summary


The * denotes a change as either a space character removed, or a character's case changed. These can be accomodated by (1): removing all space when reading attribute names, and (2) converting all characters to lower case.

! denotes a change of at least one character. These would require a change in the reading routine to accomodate this altered variable name.

Up to IceRadar ver 6.0.1b --> X-IPR ver1.0 --> AirIPR ver 1.0 Notes
Digitizer-MetaData_xml * DigitizerMetaData_xml DigitizerMetaData_xml
GPS Cluster- MetaData_xml * GPSData_xml GPSData_xml
GPS Cluster_UTM-MetaData_xml * GPS_UTMData_xml GPS_UTMData_xml
PCSavetimestamp * PCSaveTimestamp PCSaveTimestamp

Variables Names within each Attributes Groups:

Digitizer-MetaData_xml (<= 6.0.1b) --> DigitizerMetaData_xml (X-IPR,AirIPR) Notes
Digitizer setting * DigitizerSettings
vertical range VoltageRange
Vertical Offset * VoltageOffset
vertical coupling * VerticalCoupling
Channel Channel
maximum input frequency * MaxInputFrequency
Sample Rate (prepended with a space) * SampleRate
Record Length * RecordLength
trigger type * TriggerType
trigger delay * TriggerDelay
reference position * ReferencePosition
trigger level * TriggerLevel
hysteresis * Hysteresis
low level * LowLevel
high level * HighLevel
trigger coupling * TriggerCoupling
trigger window mode * TriggerWindowMode
trigger slope * TriggerSlope
trigger source * TriggerSource
Trigger Modifier * TriggerModifier
channel name * ChannelName
Stacking Not in files < 5.2 Stacking to verify ver.
Radargram extra info * RadargramExtraInfo
relativeInitialX * RelativeInitialX
xIncrement * XIncrement
GPS Cluster- MetaData_xml (<= 6.0.1b) --> GPSData_xml (X-IPR,AirIPR) Notes
GPS_timestamp_UTC * GPSTimestamp_UTC
Lat Lat
Long Long
Fix_Quality * FixQuality
Num _Sat * NumSat
Dilution Dilution
Alt_asl_m * Alt_ASL_m
Geoid_Heigh_m typo: t missing !GeoidHeight_m
GPS Fix valid * GPSFixValid
GPS Message ok * GPSMessageOk
GPS Cluster_UTM-MetaData_xml (<= 6.0.1b) --> GPS_UTMData_xml (X-IPR,AirIPR) Notes
Datum Datum
Easting_m Easting_m
Northing_m Northing_m
Elevation !Alt_ASL_m
Zone Zone
Satellites (dup) !NumSat
GPS Fix Valid (dup) !GPSFixValid
GPS Message ok (dup) !GPSMessageOK
Flag_1 Flag_1
Flag_2 Flag_2
AGLData_xml Notes
Data 1 digit precision (0.1m)
Unit meter
Sensor FMCW_v1
Valid 0: false, 1: true
PCSavetimestamp PCSaveTimestamp Notes